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          AMS Pallet Systems, Holbrook, MA, 781-767-9001, www.amspallets.com

          Barrett Distribution, Franklin, MA, 800-279-1801, www.barrettdistribution.com                                                          
          Casestack, Scranton, PA, 866-828-7120, www.casestack.com

          D & S Logistics, Cranston, RI, 888-753-6107, www.dslogisticsinc.com

          Endicia, Palo Alto, CA, 800-576-3279, www.endicia.com 

          FedEx, Memphis, TN, 870-741-9000, www.fedex.com

          Freight Center, Trinity, FL, 800-716-7608, www.freightcenter.com

          Freightquote.com, Lenexa, KS, 800-323-5441, www.freightquote.com

          Freight ShippingPros.com, Clearwatr, FL, 877-618-6058, www.FreightShippingPros.com

          I Ship, Bellvue, WA, 877-994-7447, http://iship.com

          J.B Hunt, Lowell, AR, 800-643-3622, www.jbhunt.com

          J.M. Swank Co., Liberty, IA, 319-626-5930, www.jmswank.com

          Northeast Specialty Foods, Wells, ME, 802-345-3870, www.northeastspecialtyfoods.com

          Outsource Logistics, Valdosta, GA, 866-726-2715, www.outsourcelogistics.com                                           
          Real Time Freight, Chicago, IL, 800-720-7837, www.realtimefreight.com

          Roadtex Transportation, Somerset, NJ, 800-762-3839, www.roadtex.com

          Ross Express, Penacook, NH, 800-762-5966, www.rossexpress.com

          Schneider Logistics, Green Bay WI,800-558-6767, www.schneider.com 

          Seaboard Cold Storage, Tampa, FL, 813-752-4114, www.seaboards.com

          Stamps.com, 888-434-0055, www.stamps.com 

          Touchpoint Logistics, Elgin, IL, 847-836-9471, www.touchpointlogistics.com 

          USGround, Boston, MA, 866-874-7686, www.usground.com

          United States Postal Service, 800-275-8777, www.usps.com/business

          Your Freight Rate.com, Valdosta, GA, 866-726-2715, www.yourfreightrate.com